Scope of Services

The Construction and Management Team at Capstone Construction and Management are residents of Teton County, Wyoming. We are committed to facilitation, development and management. As the “Owner’s Representative and Contractor”, we will act in the interests of affordable, high quality construction within the scope of this project.

Our Team will as general contractor oversee all aspects of project development and construction. This proposal will include but not limited to the professional services listed in the following statements:

Capstone Construction will act as the Owner’s Representative providing a centralized contact point for both the owners and sub-contractors. We can be contacted by cellular phone, a hard line on site, by E-mail, and by FAX through our main office, which is open during regular hours Monday through Friday. Capstone Construction and Management will utilize its entire Construction and Management Team in support of this roll. As part of our management methodology, this teamwork approach has proven to provide the highest level of quality, accountability and cost/benefits.

In order to provide the greatest cost/benefit and to ensure a quality project, it is imperative that Capstone Construction and Management start as early in the preparation phase as possible. We are prepared to do this at your request. Our Team is able to provide our services immediately and continually throughout the process.

Capstone Construction and Management will work in close coordination with owners, project planners, and architects during the project preparation phase and throughout the bidding process for all contract services. This will include assisting in the development of a clear, detailed specification of tasks for all contractors, ensuring the quality and timely completion of each task and sub task. Working closely with professionals in each discipline provides us with information that must be considered in order to provide a comprehensive positive cost benefit. Once the bid materials have been completed, our Construction and Management Team will assemble these bid materials and solicit bids for all activities. (Capstone Construction and Management has a list of subcontractors that we have used for many projects.) Once we have been selected, this group will be contacted and each will be examined to determine if minimum qualifications are met.

Capstone Construction and Management’s construction team begins in our office with administrative support to our general managers and project superintendents. In turn our general manager supports our field crew and acts as owner / contractor liaison. Our project superintendent is field based with a support crew of at least one job foreman and all required carpenters, tradesmen and labor. The team assigned to a project will be the team that finishes the project, thereby insuring continuity and quality throughout the entire building process.

Documentation will be accomplished throughout the process and will be reviewed regularly in order to identify any situation, irregularity or condition that may affect the process. Our professional record-keeping policies will ensure that proper documentation is available at any time during the project.

It is our intention to utilize the AIA framework in a manner that is clear, concise and productive. Deviation from this framework will be the exception, occurring only when it will benefit the Owner’s objectives. Our methodologies also include a commitment to safety and quality. All work will be accomplished in compliance with local, state and federal worker safety laws.

When awarding a contract, Capstone Construction and Management will compare all relevant information. Cost estimates, completion schedule, experience and references all provide an important snapshot that is very useful. That information, along with the personal knowledge obtained through day-to-day contact, is what Capstone Construction and Management weighs in its process.

The following information explains the process and qualifications we use in that comparison:

In order to ensure that this is accomplished to our satisfaction, Capstone Construction and Management meets with each subcontractor submitting a bid. This meeting focuses on specific details, the process and schedule. Value engineering ideas and options are considered along with how existing conditions may affect the process or cost, including change orders that may be anticipated. Errors in the plans or specifications should be addressed. It is as important to discuss what is not included in the estimate, as what is.

The subcontractors must be aware that Capstone Construction and Management will work closely with them in order to ensure that material is ordered so critical milestones are completed on schedule. Should past performance or references indicate that schedules are not a high priority to a specific contractor, no award will be granted.

Contracting with experienced subcontractors is generally an advantage. We should all get better with experience. The experience level must be considered; however, providing an opportunity to a reasonably new company can have its advantages. Here are some of the factors Capstone takes into consideration when past experience is weighed. How many of the employees that were actually involved in the past project will be working on our project? What were some of the difficulties encountered in the project, what was learned and what changes were made as a result? Can a client and contractor be contacted as references? Would the client and contractor use the subcontractor again?

If the company has little or no relevant experience, what steps have they taken to handle this type of a project? What do the employees think of the project? What steps can the subcontractor take to improve his ability to provide the quality of services needed in a timely manor?

With Capstone Construction and Management as your general contractor you will have a successful, timely, and cost efficient project of the highest quality.

Thank you for your consideration of Capstone Construction and Management.